Become a Remarkable Real Estate Agent

Providing great customer service is a primary goal in any business.

In the real estate industry, success is achievable when you are a remarkable real
estate agent.

Regardless of the challenges that the industry faces, there are a number of
enterprising and innovative agents whose dedication and persistence paid off.

But how can you be a remarkable real estate agent?

A lot of people often find such virtue as a result of sheer determination which
surprisingly, is just one of the many other virtues that make a remarkable agent
with the end goal of enjoying a steady stream of customers who would not just be
loyal patrons, but serve as your promoters, as well.

Let’s face it, remarkable agents’ equal happy customers. These agents have
understood and addressed their client’s circumstances and preferences and
provided solutions in a timely manner. Listened, actioned and communicated.
In the eyes of a happy client, the value of their interaction and experience with
their remarkable real estate agent is not just transactional, rather a worthwhile
and rewarding experience that they just cannot contain in themselves but would
make themselves proud to share and promote it to others.

A remarkable agent is one who stimulates dialogue or remarks because people
found the subject exceptional, exceeded expectations, interesting, innovative, and
excellent- this is what it means to be remarkable and one that catches people’s

Here are some attributes of a remarkable agent:

Completely understands the needs and urgency of a challenging
situation. Half-baked solutions are not appropriate, especially when a problem is
relayed by another party. A remarkable agent takes stock of the situation and gets
the information first-hand by listening, committing, and acting on the problem or
the situation.

It’s about the customer, not you. Being remarkable is always about the other
party and not yourself. It is clearly prioritizing the needs of your clients and giving
them the best solution that will address their needs.
Not about being noticed. Yes, branding and reputation are important, which is
why being remarkable is living up to the expectations and ideals of a solutions
provider and not just about lip service or one simply doing the motions.

Going the extra mile. There are instances when real estate agents need to go the
extra mile for their clients. Remember that going above and beyond their
expectations is a sure formula for success and is what makes your customers
remark about what you do what and you can achieve for them.
Going out of your comfort zones. Being remarkable means not being afraid to
push your boundaries and embrace change. It is important to constantly evolve
and one that adapts according to the call of the times. Always remember to
reinvent and reinvest in your capabilities by making every attempt to learn new

Life is not always a box of chocolates. Being remarkable means able to get up
when you have stumbled or fallen down. Remember that the industry goes
through a never-ending process of ups and downs, which is why it is important
that you are able to ride the waves and never be discouraged to see it through.
Always be proactive. Make every effort to highlight successes and achievements,
regardless if it is yours or anyone from your professional network. Open up a
channel for your network to communicate and share their wins and positive
experiences, which you can then share and promote in your professional and
social media networks.

Always get moving. Always find the time to re-assess your work and performance
to see what you can do to improve any good to great. Do not be afraid to leverage
on your professional networks and contacts to help you win over your customers
that find you a remarkable real estate agent.
Always challenge the status quo and climb up the ladder of personal progress by
always taking a step ahead of your wins and successes.


(some information in this blog is courtesy of iDashboard blog real estate portal)

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