Good copy is just as important as the pictures!

While the real estate industry is reliant on visuals to attract and appeal to clients
having good quality and compelling copy is equally important in digital

Do not forget that whenever you are selling or marketing something, it is
important that you provide detailed and well-written information to support the
images of your brand, products, and services.

It is through copy that people develop trust and confidence that will determine
your authority or expertise in the industry. It is what encourages, motivates,
educates, and convinces your audience to relate and engage with the brand.

Copy and content are different

Make no mistake, copy and content are different things.
Copy is used to refer to the different types of marketing text such as blog posts,
video subtitles, or social media image captions such as those used in Instagram,
Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Content, on the other hand, is the broader term referring to all kinds of text that
provides information to establish or engage an audience. It can also refer to both
videos and images.

Simply put, a copy is an aspect of content that directs audiences to a certain
action with the use of certain action words or calls to action. It helps marketers
connect with customers to boost sales, improve brand imaging, and ensure
overall success when used and designed properly.

Here are some vital tips to create compelling copy that generates results.

Headlines and titles

A title or headline that catches people’s attention can often be enough to drive
people to read through your content.

This is particularly true and useful when you have long-form content or blog posts.
Make sure that your titles or headlines are interesting and attention-grabbing and
that it catches the interest of your readers.

Splitting content using eye-catching headings ad texts makes it more reader-
friendly or scannable enough for readers who do not want to spend a long time
reading through the entire article to the end.


Short-form versus long-form

It is important to take advantage of both types of copy to ensure that you
maximise your reach to your target audience. Long-from content includes how-to
guides, FAQ’s, e-books, and blog posts, just to name a few.

Short-from content, on the other hand, includes social media posts, brief
descriptive notes, captions, etc.

While short-form content is ideal for social media platforms, long-form content
has been found to rank higher in search engine rankings as long as the materials
are researched in-depth, properly written, and SEO optimized.

Always create unique copy

While you are encouraged to do your research for your content topics or copy
ideas, always make sure that you develop your own unique material without
simply copying and pasting materials sourced from others.

Plagiarism can be a problem and can greatly impact brand reputation, as well as
make SEO optimisation challenging. Having your unique and well-written content
and a copy will let your brand stand out from the rest.

Always double check your work for errors

There are no hard and fast rules for this, but the more thorough you are in
checking your copy and content, the more confident you are that you have not
missed out on key areas that have been mis-looked or neglected.

It will not be an issue if you double or triple-check your copy to make sure that you
are publishing material with less or zero errors on it.

You can also have someone proofread your work that will not only make work
easier for you. Not only will you be able to see what you have missed, but it can
also help you get alternative perspectives from others that could add value to your

Always remember that your goal is to always come out with a good and
compelling copy by ensuring that your work is written candidly and clearly, know
the purpose of your content and audience, add personality and humour to keep
them engaged, make sure that your copy aligns with your brand image, and never
forget to have significant calls to action.

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