How to get more leads with Facebook Live! video

Have you ever wondered how you could level up your online content and get
more leads for your real estate business? Try running a Live! video broadcast that
is sure to give you more traction.

Let’s get you more excited by cutting to the chase and share some of the most
practical and effective steps in running your Live! video.

Use all your available capturing devices

This means that do not be afraid to take advantage of all your smartphone
cameras. Yes, using both the front and back cameras give your audience more
realistic property walkthroughs.

Introduce yourself with the front camera then switch to the back camera to
present the property to your audience. It creates an impression of an interactive
presentation and at the same time gives your audience the actual state of the
property that you are showcasing.

Have fun and embrace surprises

Audiences would always be entertained and amused by spontaneity and being
able to make a quick comeback in times of unexpected occurrences such as a dog
passing by during a live streaming broadcast or you unintentionally slip by
missing a step.

Do not stress yourself and whenever you can, be spontaneous and act natural,
rather than being stiff or too scripted which could limit your chances of getting
the interest of the audience to watch your Live! streaming video.

Consistently provide context

Always remember that not everyone in your audience will be tuned in at the same
time, so providing consistent context to your video as you go along helps those
who tuned in late to stay abreast of what has been going on.

This will help keep your audience stay informed and avoid the confusion if they
happened to tune in at the middle of your streaming broadcast.

Empower your audience through education and engagement

Once you have already hooked your audience into your broadcast, it’s high time to
keep them tuned in until the end of your broadcast by making every effort to
provide educational fun facts and ideas and keeping them engaged.

Studies have shown that Facebook Live has been found to drive 10 times more
comments than recorded video, so make sure that you acknowledge your viewers
by their names and responding to questions will make them feel more valued.

Since their comments show up in their friend’s news feeds, it also gives you an
opportunity to attract more viewers into your broadcast.

Do not take too long

While Facebook Live allows you to record for several hours, an ideal timeframe is
10 minutes and not more than 20 minutes. Remember that an audience’s
attention span can only generally last 15 to 20 minutes at most before they get
bored and leave.

Remember to keep it short, informative, engaging, and empowering. You may
have surprises along the way such as raffling off some prizes within the middle of
the broadcast so that your audience will have something to look forward too as

Never forget to always have a call to action

Always remember to end your broadcast with a call to action, which would
prompt your audience to take action such as contact you for advise or information.
Make it more fun by preparing some open-ended questions related to real estate
topics or details that could spur interest from your audience to reach out to you.

When doing a Facebook Live! broadcast all you actually need is a smartphone and
need not spend on expensive equipment. As long as you plan your presentations
and put a bit of research to help educate and engage your audience, you will be
able to get your audience to always look forward to your next Live! episode.

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