Revitalise Your Real Estate Marketing

Each day, prospective buyers and sellers are swamped with marketing materials
from local agents, trying to sign them up for their services.

Fortunately for you, the majority of these marketing efforts are dry and dull, giving
you a distinct head start.

If you follow these 5 tips, you can revitalise your real estate marketing and leave
your competition in the dust.

1. Be an adviser to your potential clients

The key reason that people hire an expert in a particular field is that the
professional is probably going to know more about the industry than they do.
This isn’t any different in real estate, as your clients will be looking for someone
who knows their field. Be more than someone who facilitates viewings and opens
the door – show off your knowledge and advise your clients on what is best for

Let your clients know about your local knowledge and give them some statistics
on the area. You can make them feel more comfortable with the process by
showing them you’ve got the ins and outs of the buyer-seller process weighed-

2. Nail your brand image

The theory behind ‘curb appeal’ is that first impressions count – this is especially
true for real estate.

Put some time and thought into developing a brand that matches your target
audience and make it consistent across your marketing channels. For example, if
your focus is on first-time buyers, make your brand more light, youthful and

If you want to focus on the luxury market instead, research the methods luxury
agencies are using to represent their brands and think on how the methods could
apply to yours.

3. Improve bios and presentation on review sites

Build your online personality by removing any cliche buzzwords that agents use.
By doing this, the chances are that you’ll make your brand more welcoming and
approachable to your target audience.

Never be afraid to show your brand’s true nature on your social profiles. Even if
you’re a large real estate agency, it doesn’t mean you can’t still have a small business feel.

Getting a bad review can damage your credibility, if you do end up with a bad
review, it is not the end of the world, just make sure you never ignore customer
complaints, address them, and remember, you may have something to learn from
this or need to improve. Some criticism can be helpful in our growth.

4. Bring an end to one-off advertising

Instead of sending mail-outs when you feel like it, build them into a larger
marketing strategy.

One-off marketing efforts often generate little return on investment and are rarely
worth the money. By creating a full-fledged marketing plan, you’ll be able to
accurately measure your ROI and identify the channels you find the most success

Some of the most cost-effective areas are email and content marketing, so if you
haven’t got a marketing plan yet, these can be great places to start.

5. Create irresistible call-to-actions

If your marketing efforts are the line, CTAs are the hook that catches your
audience and brings them in. CTAs are an integral part of any marketing strategy,
as they’re the part that actually get your prospects into your sales funnel.

CTAs come in many forms. If you’re not familiar with them, spend some time
researching them and be sure to work them into all of your marketing efforts.

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