How to be the sought-after agent!

  • 19/03/2020
be the best agent

The real estate industry relies heavily on the strength of professional relationships to win customers. These relationships can do a lot to boost your real estate business, especially since it is anchored on trust and confidence. Becoming a valuable and sought-after agent will not happen overnight. It requires time to gain trusted relationships with clients…Read More→

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A whole lot of uncomfortable moments….

  • 24/09/2019

“Life starts to happen outside your comfort zone” …. It sure does. Nicole and I went to a seminar for women in business last week. Fempire “The future is female”! It was of course amazing for my newly developing business brain, but I never imagined that I would take so much personally away from it….Read More→

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A Newbie Point of View – becoming a Real Estate Agent

  • 13/09/2019
Hazard Family

Co-incidences and “meant to be” moments….. The start to my Real Estate journey.

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