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Below are some questions which may help you to determine whether AgentNet is right for you...

Government rules differ state by state. Generally, the basic rule is that you cannot run your own independent agency without being fully licenced. Essentially we are offering you the opportunity to have tools to run your own business so it is a requirement that you are fully licenced. We are looking into expansion of our business to include training and CPD point renewals, we would recommend finding an online training organisation that will provide a course to take you from registered to licenced. AgentNet chooses Validum Insitute as our preferred provider

Why do I have to work from home?

This is a requirement, as Agentnet is the official account holder for the sales portals such as; and domain, you must have only 1 physical address per account. This is how we are able to allow our members use of the Agentnet account and protect your listings from deletion. Additionally, it is a huge money saver! Cost of a shop front, insurance, staff, electricity, furnishings! This style of real estate is outdated when most buyers or renters do EVERYTHING! Online. Everything with Agentnet is about saving time, saving money and helping you keep commission in your pocket!

Do you have professional indemnity insurance cover for me?

We do have a insurance company that we recommend but you will be running your own business so the decision is ultimately yours. Your AgentNet membership provides you will the tools and access you will require to appraise & list your properties for rent or sale.

Can I do appraisals?

We have chosen Price Finder over RP Data for our appraisal software. Benefits were outweighed when choosing this software. They have many new and exciting plans and are a growing business in the industry. An app is available to download onto your apple or android device. We will provide you a login for this service

Because I’m with AgentNet, does that mean I cannot have my own business name?

No, you are welcome to continue using your own branding & identity however, you do need to adopt some co-branding with AgentNet in your logo, marketing & advertising. This involves an addition of our logo onto your existing marketing stating ‘proud member of AgentNet’ with our logo.

Why do I have to co-brand?

It is a requirement by certain real estate portals that we agree not to account share, this would result in our listings being removed from their service. We are, however, allowed to adopt you as a member of our group and you co-brand with us. 

Will my details be shown on the property even though I’m with AgentNet? How will clients contact me?

Once you are a member of AgentNet, you are listed as an agent on our profile on & Domain & several other sites. YOUR NAME, YOUR PHONE NUMBER & YOUR EMAIL will be displayed on each of YOUR listings, we do not handle any of your inquiries.

Do I have restrictions on the area I can service?

No – we do not set any geographical boundaries for our AgentNet members.

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