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How to be the sought-after agent!

The real estate industry relies heavily on the strength of professional relationships to win customers.

These relationships can do a lot to boost your real estate business, especially since it is anchored on trust and confidence.

Becoming a valuable and sought-after agent will not happen overnight.

It requires time to gain trusted relationships with clients and other industry professionals, once this happens you will gain more leads.

Grow a network

The moment you realise you can always be outdone,  you will aspire to become better at your craft. This means you are ready to accept help from people and understand this will help you succeed in your career. Remember no man is an island.

Ideally, your network should comprise of reliable and trustworthy mortgage brokers, landscapers, contractors, photographers, pest & building inspectors, and every other professional aspect of real estate intelligence and homeownership.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and engage your network by referring customers to their networks and you, in turn, ask for referrals from their end.

You can also propose to add value to your relationships by asking if they are willing to provide offers or discounts to your referrals, which could also be a good way to promote and make their services or products more attractive to your networks.

Communication is key

Communication is essential in creating and preserving your professional relationships.

Being able to master the art of communication means you need to be aware of the subtleties of human emotions and using it to convey messages to your target audience.

A key element in communicating is listening, which is critical in establishing trust with clients in the long-term. It is important to know what their wants and needs are, as well as understanding and attending to their requests.

It is better to listen, to understand, and take action, rather than you doing all the talking and lose customers in the process.

Be the industry expert

If you have excellent writing skills then you are ahead of the game and will communicate well with your audience through your website and social media pages.

However, if writing is not your forte, you should consider hiring a reliable, creative writer to help you create real estate articles for your blogs, social media pages or even have it published in your local newspaper.

Trending topics such as how-to tips, market updates, practical home ideas are one of the best means to portray your persona as an authority on real estate topics.

Be mindful not to be too carried away and give out all your trade secrets! Always provide some actionable and practical advice and save some knowledge to share face to face with your clients.

Podcasts are also an excellent format to grow your audience and become the local industry guru.

Nurture relationships

Make sure that you continue to nurture your network of journalists, area professionals, customers, service providers, suppliers, etc.

It can be as simple as sending out a “Hi, how are you doing?” email or a quick phone call. You can also send out holiday or birthday cards just to reassure them of your friendship and availability. Always reach out with a note, text, phone call or card to say thank you if you have received a referral due to their recommendation.

Have a business plan

Always make sure to have a goal to focus on and ensure there is always a plan to get there.

Leaving everything to chance is not a good way to run a business.

Have a mission and use your planned goals as a guide to achieve it. Consider your strengths and weaknesses and factor them into your performance and long-term targets.

Don’t be afraid to revisit your business plan and make adjustments along the way.

Establish your unique brand

Creating your own brand is a vital component of your mission and goals if you want to become a beloved and respectable agent.

Create something unique to you, easily recognizable and stands out.

Keep it simple and remember with Agentnet you must co-brand.

Your brand is what is going to set you apart from your competition and one that will help you establish recognition from your professional network.

Create a strong and continual online presence

The more visible you are online, the more people will be able to recognise and acknowledge your expertise in the real estate business.

Do not be afraid to embrace technology and take advantage of it to help boost your presence online and see the positive impacts it will have on your network and business.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter just to name a few all have functions that will allow short videos, images and written content. Do some research on your competition and follow their page, take note of their content and how much response they receive and followers. Follow suit and be yourself!

Take time to also give social media a good amount of attention. If you are not sure about handling your social media campaigns, try to hire some help from social media professionals who can help boost your presence and professional expertise online.

Remember to have a plan of action, surround yourself with the best professionals in the businesses, establish your unique brand, and take advantage of your online presence to build your reputation as an expert in the industry.



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A whole lot of uncomfortable moments….

“Life starts to happen outside your comfort zone” ….

It sure does.

Nicole and I went to a seminar for women in business last week. Fempire “The future is female”! It was of course amazing for my newly developing business brain, but I never imagined that I would take so much personally away from it.

I had a comfortable life: – I was happy enough being a wife, a mother and working to help support my family. I was safe, or I thought I was. When it came to my career, I was content. I had ‘fallen” into the hair and beauty industry and liked it well enough but I didn’t always feel good enough (even though now I know I was actually pretty good and if I had chosen to, I could have been better) I didn’t think I had more in me as I was stunted by my own thoughts and feelings about who I was and cared way too much what other people thought. So, when it all fell apart, I never imagined that my life would actually fall together.

In the last year I have had some big changes. One of these was a complete change in career. I went from hairdressing to working in an Equine Vet practice, you couldn’t pick two careers so different, but I loved working with the horse’s and I found out I was pretty good with them. In my business I had gained a little social media marketing experience and had done my own admin but working at the vet I learned so much more on a whole different scale. I had the opportunity to grow in a different way. I had gotten comfortable, I thought I was able to “hide” from any personal problems (ha what a joke) and I felt safe again. So, it was a shock when it came time to leave the vet, everything happens for a reason though and I would never have considered what I am doing now without the lessons I learned from working with them.

Now I’m uncomfortable, personally and professionally… and life is happening. I’m single and almost an empty nester. I’m working with AgentNet, hairdressing 2 days a week and working in disability to spend time with family and make ends meet.

And on top of all that for the first time in 11 yrs I’m studying again, this is really uncomfortable for me because anyone who knows me, knows how much I struggled in high school. I never really had a direction, I was always distracted and was more of a hands-on learner, I loved the creative side of it. Art was my thing but even then, I didn’t believe I was good enough. So now with the Real Estate course, my negative self-talk likes to creep in and say things like “who are you kidding, you can’t do this”, “you won’t finish it” and my biggest fear “you’ll disappoint them”. But I can’t let those thoughts win because if I do, it will be me that I’ll disappoint, and I refuse to let myself down.

So, I’m learning to pick up on my weaknesses, recognizing when I put myself down and starting to work on positive self-talk instead of negative. I’m putting strategies in place and prioritizing the most important things first. I’m making vision boards, visualizing success and surrounding myself with all the things that inspire me to be a better person. I’m choosing to be around people that I respect. I’m investing in myself and because of that I’m growing personally and professionally.

The future is looking bright so I’m getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and I’m going to let life happen.

Rachelle x


A Newbie Point of View – becoming a Real Estate Agent

What is this life I am living now?

I’ve heard the saying “When life throws you curve balls grab a bat and swing” and I always thought it was a bit of a cliché. My whole life I’ve been a kind of lucky, with a little work most things that have come to me, have come easily. I could list the co-incidences and “meant to be” moments, this new chapter of my life is one of them and I’m excited about where it is taking me.

Who am I? Well let me introduce myself, I’m Rachelle: – a mother of three amazing children Izabella, Clayton and Logan, as with any mother everything I do, I do for them. I have done something right though because they are all smart, respectful, loving and resilient. I live on a little hill with lovely views and my favorite thing to do is watch the sunrise. I come from a very large crazy, mixed up family where I am the oldest girl. I am blessed by the people in my life and I believe my friends would describe me as a good and kind person.

When my daughter was 9, I had this grand idea that I needed to show her that you didn’t have to settle for mediocre, that a woman could make something more of herself, be “more” for herself. So, at the ripe old age of 27 I started my beauty & hairdressing career. I have run a successful small hairdressing business for about 9 years but now it’s time for change and to prove to my daughter once again that you can reinvent yourself at any age.

That’s right…. “Curve balls” I’ve had quite a few in the last year. My life changed dramatically, I’ve discovered a lot about myself, who I want to be and where I want to go. So now I’m grabbing my opportunities and moving into a new career, one I didn’t dream would happen, but it comes from one of those “meant to be” moments and I could not ignore it.

So, what is this life I am living now? I’m lucky enough to be working with Andrew and Nicole, the founders of AgentNet, to help develop and build an innovative new real estate business. I am also studying to become an Estate Agent, I’m learning something completely new to me and discovering an interest I didn’t know I had.

I’m 41, a mum, working 3 jobs in completely different fields and back studying, to say I’m busy is an understatement but that is whole other story……

Rachelle x